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Blue Flag Committee Fundraiser/Evento para Recaudar Fondos, Comite de la Bandera Azul Ecologica

Blue Flag Fundraiser/Evento para Recaudar Fondos, Bandera Azul

Chapter 119 – Blue Flag Dance from Andy Browne on Vimeo.

The Blue Flag Fundraiser was a resounding success! Check out this video made by Andy Brown! ¡Pura vida!

El recaudación de fondos del comite de la Bandera Azul Ecologica fue un éxito! Echa un vistazo a este video realizado por Andy Brown! ¡Pura vida!

We’d like to individually recognize those people who purchased the 16 silent auction items that raised nearly $2000 for our Blue Flag Committee! Thank you to Christy Neary, Mike Simons, Jennifer Deer, Mary Jo Celiceo, Tanisha Elliott, Karol Allard, Lorna and Rich Parsons, and Dennis Haines.

A special “Thank You!” goes out to Joseph Emanuelli of RE/MAX Los Tres Amigos for his generosity and whose purchases put us over the top! Thanks, Joe!

Thanks to Jerry Johnston who donated $30 from the 50/50 pot on the night of the event! Very generous!

All totaled, the Blue Flag Fundraiser raised ~$3,000 for our Blue Flag Committee, thus assuring the Bandera Azul Ecologica will continue to fly high over Playa Hermosa, and that all who live here or visit will enjoy our safe, clean, beautiful and healthy beach! ¡Pura vida!

Special thanks go out to :

Silvia Laferierre of Hotel Villa del Sueño
Paul Clark
Rocio Laren
Andy Brown
Valerie Lien
Sue Isaacks
Christy Neary
Chip Joslin
Faith Mullins
John & Heather O’Connell
Mike Poynton

We would also like to recognize the generosity of the donors of our silent auction items:

Villa Sol
Diving Safaris
Harras del Mar
Coco Bay Estates
Hotel la Finisterra
Papa Sula Panga
Tico Tours Guanacaste
Adobe Rent a Car
Dr. Karolina Gee
Tommy Techhead
Hand’s Salon
Rich Coast Diving
Donato’s Coffee
Polar Hunter Sailing



Blue Flag Fundraiser/Evento para Recaudar Fondos, Bandera Azul

Playa Hermosa Association Blue Flag Committee Fundraiser

When: Saturday, August 04, 2012
Where: Hotel Villa del Sueño, Playa Hermosa
Music: Los Piratas del Lago (The Pirates of the Lake) from 7PM – 10PM
Cost: $10 per person; includes one free drink (beer, wine, well cocktail or soft drink)

For tickets call Chip at 8702-8367 or Faith at 2672-4008

Help us keep our beach clean and to maintain our Ecological Blue Flag!
Please mark the date on your calendars.

¡Pura vida!


Blue Flag Bar Drink Prices

Evento Para Recaudar Fondos para el Comité de la Bandera Azul de la Asociación de Playa Hermosa 

Cuándo: sábado, 04 de agosto 2012
Dónde: Hotel Villa del Sueno, Playa Hermosa
Música: Los Piratas del Lago de 7PM – 10PM
Costo: $10 por persona, incluye una bebida (cerveza, vino, un cóctel o un fresco)

 Para boletos llame Chip 8702-8367 o Faith 2672-4008

¡Ayúdenos a mantener la playa limpia y mantener a nuestra Bandera Azul Ecológica!

Por favor, marquen la fecha en sus calendarios.

 ¡Pura vida!

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Posted on Friday 29th June, 2012, 12:40pm

We received some nice publicity from The Costa Rica Star today! Thanks, guys!

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